Suffering from PCOS can leave you feeling helpless to do anything about it. There are a lot of obstacles standing in your way to health and wellness.

Polycystic ovary syndrome, or PCOS, is a reproductive disorder that affects many women in their reproductive years. This condition is caused by genetic factors and lifestyle choices such as diet and exercise that worsen or improve this hormone imbalance. The symptoms can be recognized through 2 of the following features:

  1. polycystic ovaries on ultrasound
  2. Irregular menstruation (menstrual cycle longer than 35 days or no periods over six months or more) high levels of male hormones indicated with blood tests or by the presence of increased hair growth on the face or body, acne, and/or head hair loss.

Naturopathy is a type of holistic complementary medicine that includes nutrition, herbal medicine, massage, and homeopathy. It follows an independent framework that incorporates the personal characteristics of women with PCOS as well as features of the disorder.

Treatment aims to improve general well-being and promote lifestyle behaviors that reduce the expression of the disorder. Herbal medicine and nutrients are used to improve metabolic function, and hormone balance, regulate menstruation and manage natural fertility.

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